Gelatin-agarose nanofibers provide dual functionality to culture media for microorganisms due to presence of gelatin and agarose at nano level.

Gelatin is the protein source for microorganisms non-selectively whereas agarose makes culture media more stable because of its solidifying character.

Gelatin is a protein hydrolized from collagen which is extracted from the skin, bones and connective tissues of animals. Agar (or agar-agar) which is obtained from algae or seaweed consists of agarose (linear polysaccharide) and agaropectin (heterogenous polysaccharide).


Product description

Gelatin-Agarose Nanofiber Products are offered as Coverslip, Multiwell PLate, Culture Dish options.

Gelatin-Agarose Nanofiber coated coverslip contains 0.1-0.2 mg nanofiber/cm  fixed on one side of a coverslip.

Gelatin-Agarose Nanofiber Products are UV-sterilised and vacuum packaged.

The product expiration date is 1 year after the production, unless the sterilized packaged is open.

The product can be stored at room temperature.

Directions for use

For UV-sterilized Gelatin-Agarose Nanofiber Products:

1. Open the outer package.

2. Open the bag and the product is ready to use.

3. Use a tweezer to handle the coverslip products.


For ethanol-sterilized Gelatin-Agarose Nanofiber Products:

1. Open the package full with ethanol.

2. Use a tweezer to handle the coverslip products.

3. Allow the products to dry for a while.

4. After the product becomes white, it is ready to use.


Q. What does gelatin agarose nanofiber products provide for culture studies?

A. As the material is made of nanofibers, it provides excellent proliferation media for microbiological culture which results in quicker and more stable results


This product is for Research&Development uses only. It is not intended for human or other uses.