Nanotel inc.

Company information


Nanotel is the first company in Turkey that produces nanofibers commercially. We obtain nanofibers from synthetic polymers such as polystyrene, polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylonitrile and biopolymers such as gelatin, starch, chitosan, zein. Nanofibers can be manufactured as composite structures containing both synthetic and biopolymers as well as metals like gold (Au), silver (Ag), zinc (Zn), etc .

Nanofibers have very big surface areas which make them perfect to be used as filter media, catalyst, additive, protective, functional, sensing, absorption and encapsulation materials for textile, medicine, energy, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemistry, cosmetic, food, construction and manufacturing industries. Especially sensor and biosensor applications in each field enhance with nanofibers. Nanofibers are very strong materials in spite of their lightness.

The mixtures of synthetic polymers and biopolymers with the addition of crosslinkers, active/bioactive ingredients, pigments or dyes provide more quality- and cost-efficient results with higher sensitivity compared to the traditional utilization of materials. Nanofiber technology offers high value added products for your applications and business.



Nanotel Corp. was established in 2014 at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Technopark, Turkey by two ITU-graduated engineers to produce nanofibers commercially. Our vision is to develop and to pioneer nanofiber technology globally due to fact that promising and novel outcomes of nanofibers. We believe that nanofiber applications help efficient use of natural sources as well.

Our company has conducted many R&D projects, all related to nanofiber technology in different fields since 2014. Nanotel has continued two national projects on nanofiber applications in foods supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkish (TUBITAK).

Nanotel continues cooperation with national/international companies and research institutes on nanofiber technology.